30 Before 30

30 before 30

I celebrated my 25th birthday in June 2014 and commemorated the occasion by creating a 30 before 30 list. I wanted to write down a list of fun and scary things I would like to achieve by June 2019.

30 Before 30

01. Visit at least 2 countries in Asia. 
02. Visit at least 1 other country in Africa.
03. Go to Australia or New Zealand.
04. Visit at least another 5 European countries. (2 down!)
05. Go back to Chile to visit my family.
06. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.
07. Go a on trip by myself to a country I don’t know.
08. Take a cross-country road trip. Road trip through Scotland, April 2015 & June 2016.
09. Learn a 5th language. (Currently on level 2 of Danish!)
10. Learn to surf. 
11. Have a big St Andrews reunion.
12. Study towards another degree.
13. Finish a novel and a film script.
14. Improve my whisky knowledge.
15. Get a tattoo. 
16. Move in with the boyfriend.  Achieved October 2014.
17. Adopt a puppy. (I’m so close to convincing the Brit…)
18. Shave my head or simply fundraise for charity.
19. Put myself out there: audition for dance/theatre & try to sell my writing. (Definitely getting there and pushing through the scary parts!)
20. Learn to play my ukulele. 
21. Run/swim/bike a Sprint Triathlon.
22. Go to a music festival. Went to two lovely music festivals in Scotland in May 2016.
23. Go to the opera, music gig, ballet and theatre at least once a year. (Definitely on track with this one.)
24. Read 150 books. (I’m 103 books down as of December 2016, so I’m definitely ahead!)
25. Go skinny dipping.
26. Attend a hot air balloon festival.
27. Go on a writing retreat. Achieved November 2015.
28. Go paragliding. 
29. Go hiking up a big mountain that scares me. 
30. Visit 30 countries before 30. (I’m 12 countries down right now, so that’s a big task for the next three years!)

What is your 30 before 30 list (or 20 before 20 or 40 before 40)?xx