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My Favourite Things About Vietnam {Guest Post}

Hello lovelies! I swear I’m back next week with lots of catching up to do about my newly (re)started life in Scotland! While I’m settling in, I have some amazing bloggers taking over for me! I’m so lucky that these lovely ladies actually wanted to write up a little something and share their travel/expat experiences on my blog. Each and everyone of them is amazing, so please feel free to explore their own blogs after seeing them up here! 

Today we have the lovely Sarah taking over TTIACF – she’s an amazing UK blogger who has one of the nicest blogs around! I’m a big fan of both her beautiful writing and her awesome photos! She has a nice mix of British lifestyle and travel posts – always something interesting!

Hello there! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Daydreams of Summertime, I am really excited to be guest posting here on TTIACF while Camila makes the move back to the UK! I hope it is all going well for you Camila!

Mountains, Cát Bà Island
Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite things about Vietnam. I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful country back in 2012, when my boyfriend Carl and I were taking a little trip around South East Asia. Despite the fact that it can be challenging travelling around Vietnam I still fell in love with it. In no particular order here are the things I loved the most…
 View from our hotel in Ho Chi Minh
1. Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh used to be Saigon and is Vietnam’s largest city. I only spent two days here because before I went a friend who travelled round Vietnam said it wasn’t worth staying in any long than that. I really wish I hadn’t listened to her because both Carl and I loved it and wanted to stay longer. It just goes to show that everyone experiences travel in a different way and we all like different things. I can’t really put my finger on why I liked it so much, because it is really busy and even crossing the road without getting run over is a pretty major task, but it just had something about it that made me want to stay longer! At least it gives me an excuse to go back!
Thu Bồn River, Hoi An 
2. The Food in Hoi An
Hoi An is a lovely little city that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. The old town is really well preserved, there is no traffic allowed which comes as a welcome relief when you have been used to the hustle and bustle of cities like Ho Chi Minh City! For me though, Hoi An was all about the food! My favourite thing about travelling is discovering new cuisines and I have always loved Vietnamese food but this place took it to a whole new level. There are lots of places to eat along the river and we wanted to stay for an extra week so we could try every restaurant!
 Beach at Nha Trang
3. Nha Trang
Nha Trang was a pleasant surprise, when you think of Vietnam you don’t necessarily think of beaches, but there are some beautiful ones here. It is quite a popular holiday destination for both backpackers and holidaymakers, so we found some of it to be a bit more expensive than some of the other places we visited. However, it has a bit of a chilled out beach vibe about it so is a perfect stop if you need a bit of rest and relaxation! It also has an awesome market. Oh and I had the best ginger tea I have ever tasted in one of the restaurants there!
Ha Long Bay
4. The Scenery
Throughout the country there is just stunning scenery, from lush green mountains, to the misty atmosphere at Halong Bay, and of course the beautiful beaches! We travelled between destinations on a night bus (which was an experience in itself) so I suspect we missed some of the best bits! There is just so much beauty to be had no matter where you go and we passed so many beautiful places we wished we could have stopped at. I hope you can see from the photos I have included in this post just how beautiful and diverse the landscape is!
5. The People
By the time we arrived to Vietnam we had already been to Bali, Thailand and Cambodia and had found ourselves getting ripped off by some of the locals on a few occasions (you really need your wits about you!) so we had gotten to the point where we didn’t really trust anyone at all, which is sad. However, I found the people in Vietnam to be very helpful on the whole. I remember when we were in Ho Chi Minh and we could not find the hotel we were meant to be staying at and a lovely old Vietnamese man saw we were lost an gave us directions without us even having to ask for help. We did of course have some negative experiences but they were far outweighed by the positive.


So tell me, have you visited Vietnam? What were you favourite things about this amazing country?
Daydreams of Summertime

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  • Vietnam looks so amazing, and so full of variety! I really want to go. Thanks for sharing the tips 🙂
    ~ Marcella

  • It looks amazing! I love Vietnamese food so I would be all about the food too!

  • I love this post Sarah! I have never been to Vietnam but it most certainly is on my list – I’ve wanted to go for quite some time, especially since my parents returned from there not so long ago. I love south east Asia in general though, Thailand is my favourite so far! X

  • Vietnam is such a special country. I visited in 2012 as well and would go back in a heart beat. My fav was the old quarter in Hanoi 🙂

  • I went to Vietnam in May and fell head over heels in love with it. The food was amazing! I don’t think many would agree with me but I actually prefer it to Thailand because it felt less touristy and more untouched.

  • Ah, I love reading about Vietnam. My boyfriend and I planned to go there on our SE Asia jaunt last year, but due to not planning ahead, we didn’t realize the country kind of locked down during the lunar new year and tourist visas were like $200. . .I really need to go to Halong Bay sometime!

  • I would really love to go to Asia in the future!
    I know what you mean about other peoples ideas of how you should see a place. We’re going to Stockholm on Weds and a friend of ours keeps saying to go everywhere but Stockholm, dammit it’s my trip and I’m going to do what I want haha

    • Haha yeah I get a bit annoyed when people start telling me where I should and shouldn’t go, it just makes me want to rebel!

  • I really hope to get to Vietnam while I’m in Korea! This post gives me some direction, thank you!