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Top 10 attractions in Edinburgh

TOP 10 Edinburgh attractions

Happy Travel Tuesday! Gosh, it feels like it’s been forever since I last posted for Travel Tuesday, but I’m back and ready for some blogging, some travel talk and more tips about Scotland. Today I thought I would share my 10 favourite and most recommended attractions in Scotland’s beautiful capital, Edinburgh. 

1. Museums

They are all free and make for a great visit and some special discovery, especially when the weather isn’t on your side. They are very diverse, so there is something for everyone : from the Surgeon’s Hall Museum, to the Writers’ Museums, passing by the Gallery of Modern Art. My personal favourite is the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

2. Holyrood park / Arthur’s Seat

Having such a park and such a hill in the middle of the city is a definite advantage. Many will picnic, bring their dog or just enjoy the sunshine in the park on beautiful days, and many will hike the famous Arthur’s Seat over New Year’s Eve, on the 1st of May, or just on any other given day to admire the view over Edinburgh.


gorgeous day in Edinburgh today #December #Scotland #Edinburgh #holyroodpark

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3. University of Edinburgh and the Meadows

I’m a bit of a nerd and really do enjoy seeing different university campuses – Edinburgh is no different. There are buildings scattered around the city centre and around the Meadows – a large park south of the Royal Mile. It’s relaxing to go for a walk or just picnic or hang out on a nice day.
edinburgh uni

4. Attend a festival

Along the year and most importantly in August, Edinburgh is a place of festivities and festivals. There is the book festival, film festival, fringe, and many others. August is a very busy month, with the streets packed and the schedules overloaded, but it’s worth the experience of trying to make your way through a crowd to a new interesting show. 
edinburgh zoo nights 8

5. Visit the castle

I wouldn’t necessarily put this at the top of my Edinburgh list because there are so many cool things to do in the city, but it is a must and it is a great visit! It is massive and full of Scottish history. It takes a lot of time to get through, but thankfully you can also grab an afternoon tea to make it a day out. There are excellent viewpoints from the top too!
edinburgh 2

6. Go for drinks in New Town

Oh New Town has some lovely streets, some lovely shops and some even better pubs and bars. It’s definitely worth splurging for an outing or two there.

7. Eat in Leith

Leith is a district of Edinburgh that is now renown for its Michelin-starred restaurants and delicious food. I had a lovely afternoon tea with some bloggers at Mimi’s Bakehouse and the Brit and I are heading off to The Kitchin in July. It’s definitely worth the trek – if not the short bus ride from the city centre.
afternoon tea mimis

8. Walk the entire Royal Mile

As someone who was a resident in Edinburgh, the Royal Mile can be a bit of an obstacle as many tourists walk slowly admiring the Old Town and winding alleys, but it is still something everyone must do once. It is literally a mile, that stretches between Holyrood Palace up to Edinburgh Castle. It’s full of tea houses, pubs, tourists shops and other quirky attractions like the Real Mary King’s Close or the St Giles’ Cathedral.
the royal mile

9. Calton Hill

We used to live right next to Calton Hill and it was always a great treat to head up and enjoy the views, or the sun, or the entertainment as they often have fireworks up there. It’s also much smaller than Arthur’s Seat and so perhaps more feasible for many in terms of fitness and time.


up Calton Hill on Sunday night #Edinburgh #caltonhill #sunset

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10. Go up the Scott Monument

The Scott Monument is another great viewpoint in Edinburgh and a great memorial to Sir Walter Scott, a famous Scottish writer. It’s not for the faint hearted as the staircases get tighter and tighter the more you climb up the 287 steps.
scott monument

What would be your favourite in Edinburgh?xx

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  • I love Calton Hill! My hotel was right next to it and the views from there were just amazing!! I need to come back to get up Scott Monument though!

    • I agree! I think Calton Hill is over underestimated, but it’s such a great little place with some great views!

  • There are so many posts recently about Edinburgh, I haven’t visited in about 10 years and I really must, it’s lovely! Alice xx


    • Aw you must come back 🙂 I know it’s easy to say – I mean we are at opposite ends of the country haha. I also must make it south one day!

  • This is such a great list! Thanks for sharing 🙂 xo

  • I can’t wait to visit in a few weeks and check out all these recommendations!

  • All these things look brilliant. I do love a museum and a scenic lookout, although windy staircases do make me feel a bit wobbly sometimes. However, I think a fortifying drink plus haribo afterwards would set me right!

    • hahaha yeah it’s the mixture of experiences that make it so great! The drinks/eating as well as the sights and the exercise that comes with a hilly city 🙂

  • I totally loved Edinburgh when visited but I was a bit unlucky with the weather and lacked a proper footwear to climb the Arthur’s Seat!

    • Oh I know what you mean – weather in Scotland can really make or break a trip! I’m ashamed to say I have still never gone up Arthur’s Seat but I’ve gone up the side crags before and kept on falling with my wellies, not the best either!

  • I can’t wait to revisit Edinburgh! It’s almost overwhelming, how much there is to do/see/eat there. Hiking Arthur’s Seat is for sure on my list now!

    • Completely agree – soooo much to do and see and eat indeed! Hopefully you’ll be back soon – let me know we could hang out 🙂

  • These all look like such great picks! I really must visit Edinburgh and see some of these properly, as my visit of only two days for NYE just didn’t cut it! Hope all is well, and you are ready for May 🙂

    • Aw perhaps one day you will be back! It’s such a great city and so much to do – I mean top 10 was difficult!x

  • Em

    Very nice! When we were there for a few days two Christmas’s ago, the weather was horrid – freezing rain and wind flying in sideways under our umbrella. Aside from many things being closed, we didn’t see as much as we would’ve liked to (like climbing up the hill). This makes me want to go back!

    • Aw yes, a lot of people come around Christmas and New Year and I get it, but I just would never advise Scotland in the winter. I hope you get to come back in the summer and get much better weather 🙂 May and September are usually the best months weather wise 🙂 xx

  • Edinburgh is a favorite destination of the travellers. I heard that it has richest tradition and historical places to explore. I like your narration and stunning pictures.

    Thank you very much for the sharing.

  • Great to see a fellow Canadian travelling the world and writing noteworthy posts! I breezed through Edinburgh last year to visit a friend and wished I’d had more time. I think the highlight, was when we took a drive to the William Wallace Monument; that day was surprisingly warm and sunny and the views were excellent. When we were in Edinburgh, I did enjoy the Royal Mile and I was one of those slow walking tourist admiring every tiny detail, sorry :). I hope to return again to see my friend and the explore the city more. Thanks for sharing, travel on.