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The Best of Scottish Television

Oh Scotland how I love thee! I’ve recently found two amazing Scottish television shows that make me love this place even more and make me feel even more like home and I felt I must share with all of you, friends on the world-wide web!

I think that if you wish you could come to Scotland, these two TV shows will definitely charm you and yet convince you to stay away all at once! Haha it’s weird but you’ll know what I mean if you watch!


You’ve probably heard about this TV show already! And if you haven’t, then you should look into it right now! It’s based on a series of books about Claire, an English woman who is honeymooning in Inverness in 1945, who finds herself falling through time through a circle of standing stones and arriving smack in the middle of the Jacobite rising a few hundred years earlier. 

The first two series are out and they are amazing! You should watch for the gorgeous landscapes of Scotland, the gorgeous actor who plays Jamie, and all the kick ass strong women who populate this show! I highly recommend watching them – especially as the third series is about to come out in April!


Scotland loves its crime fiction (almost as much as Scandinavia!) and Shetland is a great example of that. A friend of the family had told me about the books a few years back (yep another adaptation!) and last weekend I decided to give the TV series a go. It’s a real treat! I’m thoroughly enjoying it and we’re in the middle of Series 3 right now and I can’t wait for the next episode! 

It’s a series about a detective, Jimmy Perez, who investigates crime in the Shetland Islands. While it seems unlikely that so much bad stuff is happening over there, it’s super to see a crime television show with Scottish accents and with gorgeous Scottish landscapes. I was hooked from Series 1 in which we get to witness the mesmerising Up Helly Aa viking festival of fire! 

And if you must ask – why yes you will see many of the same faces in the two tv shows! 

What’s your favourite tv show? Ever watched either of those?xx

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  • Ami Schwabenland

    I read the Outlander books (the first three, I think) a number of years ago, and I admit I still wish I could unread one pivotal part of the first book. When I saw that it was being made into a mini-series, I wondered how they’d do it without that bit (because they couldn’t possibly leave it in). They did leave it in, and other than that, I really like the series as well. It came to German TV last year, dubbed into German. After two episodes we bought it on Amazon Prime – a show set in Scotland without the beautiful Scottish dialect and Gaelic just doesn’t work. 🙂 Other than the bits we don’t watch, it’s our go-to thing to watch in the evening when there’s nothing else on we want to see. Like you said – the scenery, the dialect, the characters, the music… I assume I will enjoy the next parts less because they take place in France rather than Scotland, but we’ll see.

    • Oh the bit at the end of season 2? Yes I wish I could unsee it as well – and yet I think they treated it interestingly.
      Haha I could imagine it would be weird watching it dubbed! I watched it with my mom as well (who speaks French) and we watched it with French subtitles to keep the beauty of the dialect and language. 🙂

  • I just discovered Shetland last week and absolutely love it already!!

  • I heard the Outlander books are really good, I was considering trying to find them somewhere to read them. I like the sound of Shetland, I’ll have to see if it’s on Netflix or somewhere!

    • You know to tell you the truth I started to read the first book and I really disliked her writing style so I stopped. Thankfully the tv show is amazing!! And Shetland is superb – I know you probably don’t have access to the BBC One, but they have it on the internet 🙂

  • I love love that opening theme song!! I couldn’t help but click play… even though I’m at work. I’ll need to check out Shetland 🙂

  • “While it seems unlikely that so much bad stuff is happening over there” That made me think of Midsomer Murders and how a ridiculous amount of murders happen in a single region of England XD. Shetland sounds right up my street!

    • hahaha yes exactly! I have no idea why we (British and those who enjoy British tv) have such an obsession with murder in quiet places haha