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Random Thoughts on the Netherlands

We’re just back from a holiday in the Netherlands and I’m having trouble readjusting to daily life. Mostly because I’ve had a tough day back to work, but also because it was such a wonderful holiday.

It’s actually difficult to even describe how good I felt whilst on holiday. I was tired and my body hurt from so much walking, but despite it all, I was so happy. Like properly happy. I think it’s because from the start we didn’t have expectations. We didn’t plan this holiday, we kind of just stumbled into it. We were attending a wedding and decided to stay a bit longer. That lack of ‘obligations’ to enjoy our holiday and visit everything really made me feel relaxed. Also, the (for once) fortunate timing of our holiday coincided with four full days of beautiful weather. Sun always improves my mood! 

Because these posts are always very popular, here are my random thoughts on the Netherlands*:

– Dutch people are tall, even the Brit felt small.

– This is a country that makes damn good cheese! We may have possibly brought some a lot back with us…

– I loved Leiden so much, it has the cool young people, the beauty, the history. It basically has it all.

– I think Leiden was better than Amsterdam, and easier to get to from Schiphol, which is always great in my book.

– Dutch people really love their tanning, some people looked positively leathery.

– The obsession with scooters baffled me and why are they even allowed on cycling path. Anyone understands?

– I found it a bit sad that all museums were so expensive! We didn’t visit any for that reason.

– However, walking around felt like a wonderful open air museum because it’s so beautiful.

– The beach in Leiden was beautiful, I recommend it! And the water was gorgeously warm.

– Amsterdam smells #sorrynotsorry.

– I definitely can’t speak Dutch. Alsjeblieft, Dutchies!

*Please forgive all my generalisations! 😉

Have you ever been to the Netherlands?xx

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  • I recently went to Rotterdam and LOVED it!! I’ve not been to Amsterdam so can’t compare, but I definitely want to go back to the Netherlands too. I found the people so friendly, loved the food and its such a pretty place. Think I’ll add Leiden to the list!
    Vicky x

    • Oh Rotterdam was just a bit too far off for our weekend, but we also fell in love with the Netherlands. So beautiful! I really recommend Leiden yes!

  • yes, all the Dutch ppl I’ve met outside the Netherlands were very tall:) still have to visit Amsterdam though:)

  • I adored the Netherlands when I visited. That was back in 2009 so I definitely need to go back soon! xx

  • I’ve never been to the Netherlands but I’ve heard so many great things about it. I’ve also heard that it’s a great place for Americans to go to grad school?? I’m intrigued…

    • It’s lovely! Yes apparently! A few friends of mine studied there, they have many courses in English for masters!

  • So interesting! Mostly all we hear about is Amsterdam, so Leiden often doesn’t get a look in! Alice xxx