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Planning a Trip to London


Well the day started with a premature post going live on the blog as I had completely forgotten about it – I have planned for it to take the form of a vlog, so once I have a little more time on my hand, it will come your way in the right shape and form!

But it’s Friday and I’m excited! First, it’s the weekend, obvs! And two, well I’m getting internet at my new flat today! Yay! I can finally try to catch up on some blog reading – or at least try, since I have well over 550 posts to read at this point! (update: I forgot to post this post because I was reading, down to 376 now).

Another exciting news on this Friday? Well I am planning a trip to London. And I don’t mean a ‘I’ll be running through London on my way somewhere’ no I mean a real ‘I will be staying a few days and really enjoying the city’ trip!

I have been to London before – obviously! I’ve been 6 times already – but 5 of those times I was actually on my way somewhere else!

The first time I was barely in London 24h as I was on my way to holidays in Spain.

london 1

london under the haze of a summers day

The second time I was on my way to South Africa; I did enjoy myself a bit more this time around though, staying in London 3 days (however spending one visiting my academic dad in Oxford). I spent one of those days walking around for about 5 hours and it was the height of my London experience.

colin london

look how excited colin #travellingminion was!

The third time was upon my arrival from South Africa and again stayed in London for about 24h (and sleeping most of that time).

london 3

i don’t know why i’m so terrible at selfies

The fourth time, I was on my way back to Canada and only slept one night in London – was however able to catch dinner with my academic dad who came down from Oxford during finals to say goodbye to his daughter 😉

The fifth time was recently, in October as you might remember. My glorious return to the UK! Again only stayed about 24h in the city before training up to Scotland.


october 1st in london

Finally, the sixth time was in December when I quickly visited a friend, again for about day before coming back up to spend Christmas with the Brit and his family.

christmas london

festive london

As you can tell, while I always wanted to see London, it’s never really been my destination. I’m always heading somewhere, in a rush and kind of aimlessly walking around the city without a commitment to it.

Well this time around I want it to be different! I want to plan things, I want to visit things and have a purpose! London you shall be mine and I shall be yours for a few days in March!

I was invited to a cocktail party at Canada House on the Thursday night. For the Friday I am planning on spending most of my day at the Harry Potter studios! #Exciting! I already have a meet up planned with fellow blogger Marcella from WhatAWonderfulWorld.

But now I’m reaching out to you, wonderful people and readers whom I know live in London – I need a few suggestions, things that are really worth it and will make me see that wonderful facet of London!

Any tip / advice / wisdom you would like to share with me? xx


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  • How funny that you’ve passed through so many times! I adore London! Good luck planning 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley! Will definitely try to enjoy myself to the fullest this time around!

  • Ah, so exciting! I have so, so many recomendations for you!! I’ll think through them carefully this weekend but first, my favourite of them all – Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane – a huuuuuge selection of global food with a great atmosphere 🙂 The Best!

  • Ou sounds like it’ll be a great trip! I haven’t been to London yet but I can’t wait. I’m saving visiting the UK for just before I go home so it’ll be a while yet! Look forward to reading more once you (re)visit!

    • Aw well I hope you like it too – will definitely let you know all my mistakes of running through it too quickly 🙂

    • Thanks so much – this made me soooo unbelievably happy!!xx

  • Awesome! I know you’ll have fun 🙂 I’m still figuring this place out, but my favorite experiences so far have been theatre-related (as well as just walking around in places like Shoreditch, Islington, and Hampstead), so maybe you could see a show! And get some nitrogen ice cream from Chin Chin Labs (in Camden) while you’re here! They’re always coming up with interesting flavor combinations.

    • aw would love to go to the theatre when I’m there – will have to check if that’s possible! And hm nitrogen ice cream – yes please!! Let me know if you want to come along to get ice cream with me 😉

  • I am currently planning my first trip to London. I will probably have at the most three days, so I am excited to read up on the comments and learn from you.

    I hope you are able to plan the best trip ever! Good luck!

    • Oh I hope you got some tips from all the amazing comments I got! So many different tips – highly dependent on what you love best!

  • Hurrah! I LOVE London!! You will have such a fab time. I have no tips because there is just so much to see and to do that whatever you decide will be great! Oh no, I am lying, here is one thing that I just love: in Covent Garden there is a teeny bookstore (love that bookstore) and above that bookstore there is a café (love that café) and next door – but with a street between the bookstore and restaurant – there is a restaurant (love that restaurant). That’s all x

    • haha I love your very specific tips! I loved Covent Garden when I went before but it is so crowded omg! I just can’t wait to experience it the right way this time! 🙂

      • My favourite Covent Garden memory was from when I wsa 15 and I was with my family and we went for a meal in the evening there. Willie Nelson was playing on a huge screen and there were people just sitting on the floor listening to him and it was so hot in the middle of summer. Loved it x

  • Ah I love London, hope you have a fab time! Definitely try and get to the museums, the British and Science museum are my faves. If you like a good burger then Honest Burgers is amazing too! Plus the tower of London and Greenwich are faves! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Thanks for all your lovely comments – sorry I wasn’t able to answer them all – been a bit of a work in progress on this blog lately! I loved the science museum in London – I visited it last time I was there! And I saw the Tower of London, although did not visit it! I so wanted to see the poppies but I was there about 2 weeks too late sadly!

  • I would suggest just have no plans and go for a wander about in the city – you will end up seeing a lot of the sites that way 🙂

    • Aw yes I usually love doing that – but I feel that’s what all my days in London have been and I need to have a clearer plan this time around – but there will definitely be lots of walking around 🙂

  • How exciting! I seriously loooove London. I feel like it’s one of those places where no matter how many times you go, there’s always something new to be discovered! I’m totally jealous that you’re going to the Harry Potter studios… I’ll be looking forward to reading that post! 🙂

    • I agree – there is always something new to see and experience there! I know that even after a very full weekend I will still want to see other things in London! Aw wish you were there to visit with me – still need a companion to come along 😉

  • All things! xx

    • Will try to fit that into a long weekend 😉 xx

  • ahhhhhhhhhh how exciting! I have only been to London twice, I love it! Have fun!

    • It is truly an amazing city! Oh I would have loved to hear about your trips to London!xx

  • Yay! London is the best! I would say – eat a curry at Brick Lane, go to the Tower of London (touristy, but so much history!), go to Borough Markets, try Monmouth Coffee, if you can go to Maltby Street Markets (I think they are better than Borough ;)) So glad you are going to the Harry Potter studios! Enjoy x

    • haha I’m not a fan of curry but will for sure try to check out the other ones! 🙂 Very excited for the HP studios too! Although still looking for a partner in crime!xx

  • How funny all the times you’ve been through London briefly! Sounds like you have a wonderful trip ahead of you! I just love London and each time I go, there’s so much more to discover. I love walking around Shoreditch, getting tea at Yumchaa, popping in the Tate Modern (and yay for free entry!), and going to an English pub. And so much more…enjoy!!!

    • Thanks Sara! All that you mentioned seemed sooo appealing to me right now – will try to get a few of these down 🙂