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My Perfect day in St Andrews

I’m excited for another instalment in my series of ‘My Perfect Day in…Scotland’ – today I bring you my perfect day in St Andrews!

If you’ve read my blog for over a year or two you’ll probably know that St Andrews was my first Scottish home. I studied at the university there and that’s also where I met my best friends and the Brit. Every year we go back – we can’t resist it. Usually I end up walking the town, reminiscing and enjoying the sea air. That’s really my perfect day, walking around town and seeing old friends. But I thought I’d go into more details today!

I would start with a nice little breakfast at Bibi’s Café or North Point. They are both situated on North Street and are staples of a good stay in St Andrews. 

After a hearty breakfast I would probably head to Topping & Co on Greyfriars Gardens. It’s a wonderful bookshop that will make you feel at home the minute you step inside. I can never resist buying a book or two when I’m there. It’s especially good if it’s a bit of a rainy day.


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In St Andrews, there is a real microclimate so chances are it will be a gorgeous day. That’s the perfect time to head to the beach. I usually do a round of all the beaches when I’m in town. They all give such different vibes and remind me of many good memories. And truly they are all worth the detour!  

It’s also worth walking alongside the stone pier. It’s very windy at the top, so be careful! 

I would probably just grab panini from Gorgeous on Bell Street for lunch.  They are delicious, hearty and super affordable (usually about a fiver). It’s also perfect to take away and enjoy outside. I would be careful to avoid the seaside because the seagulls can get violent when you have food… 

If it’s a nice day I would definitely grab an ice cream cone from Jannettas. There may be long queue if it’s a really nice day, but it’s still worth it!


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Then I would probably read or write on the sunny grounds of the cathedral for the rest of the afternoon. If it’s a really good day then a friend or two would probably join me and we’d catch up until it would be time to go. 

I would probably end the day with a lovely meal at Forgans. It’s a lovely restaurant that opened when we were at St Andrews, and it’s always delicious.


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Finally, my perfect day in St Andrews would end with a bonfire with all my lovely friends! I mean what could ever top that right?

Do you have a favourite routine when you visit where you used to live?xx

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  • Though the opposite end of the country, life at uni in Falmouth was very similar, and I love visiting and retracing the things that we used to do! Alice xxx


  • Kathi Kamleitner

    I love Janetta’s ice cream 🙂 And also the fudge donuts ad Fisher & Donaldson! Next time I’m back in St Andrews I’d love to do a bonfire too! Where did you go to do that?

    • Yes you told me about the fudge donut! Still need to try it one day! You should definitely have a bonfire! We used to get the pallets from the home shop on south street and head down to Castle Sands for BBQ and grilled marshmallows. 🙂

      • Kathi Kamleitner

        Cool – I’ll put that on my bucket list for the next time we’re up at the caravan 😀

  • Any day spent with friends sound like a good day. (I also think you may have included a post from Forgans instead of Janetta’s after this line? ‘If it’s a nice day I would definitely grab an ice cream cone from Jannettas. There may be long queue if it’s a really nice day, but it’s still worth it!’ – or my mind’s playing tricks on me again hehe

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Hi Teesh! I know, friends make everything! Hm no it’s all in the right order, though it may have not loaded correctly for you? but thanks for pointing things out haha 🙂