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My Life in Agile | Sprint 2


Welcome back to my Life in Agile! During the last two weeks, Sprint 2 went really well and I actually managed nearly everything on my list. I went full nerd and even downloaded an Agile board app on my tablet. In comparison to Sprint 1, I think honestly the biggest factor to account for my success in Sprint 2 was the fact that I had a lot more time on my hands.

Here’s a look back on my goals for Sprint 2:

>> Blog twice a week
Done and done! 🙂

>> Finish reading a book
I actually finished a big book (which I started two years ago, so…big deal) and read two others. It’s been good!

>> Read 2 articles for my PhD
I’ve actually only read one full article, but skimmed two others. I’ve also been doing a lot of research and I have a few more articles lined up.

>> Catch up on the 97 blog posts I’ve missed lately…
I didn’t catch up on all the blogs. Booo! I know! I have about 40 ish blogs left to read (until there is more). I need to keep up. I miss the community aspect of blogging, which I feel I’ve lost since Travel Tuesday ended earlier this year.

What I learnt from Sprint 2:

>> Take the time to do things properly and to enjoy doing them.
>> Crossing something off your list is always satisfying.
>> Life will always get in the way and that’s okay.

What’s coming up next for Sprint 3?

>> Read another book
>> Proofread my Brit’s thesis
>> Read 2 articles
>> Blog four times
>> Finish the outline for one of my blog guides
>> Move house..What? I know! More on that later 😉

Do you have any goals for the next week or two?xx

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  • One of my goals for the next few weeks is to disconnect more! X

    • Oh good! How has it gone? I think on a next holiday I should try to do that to appreciate the present more!x

  • This is so great! If you don’t mind my asking, what Agile board app did you download? I’m inspired 🙂

  • I’m also interested in what app you used! I have experimented with Trello and Asana which are more project management things. They work ok for a bit and then I lose interest… but I think that’s more my issue than the software!

    I still feel bad about Travel Tuesday ending… I mean I know we had no choice but it was a fantastic community and I haven’t found a similar one elsewhere. At least we still keep reading each other’s blogs individually, but it’s not the same I agree!

    • I’m using Meister Task on my tablet actually. At work we use Jira and such Atlassian boards, but at home I wanted something simple 🙂

      Oh my gosh why do you feel bad about it? Not your fault! I’m still hoping to start another travel link up soon. It’s just been intense with going back to work full time and we’re about to move. But definitely would love to, maybe in the new year 🙂