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Expat Diaries | Happy Things This Spring

In my last expat diaries, I discussed how life had finally gone back to normal. It was how I got a job and started planning for the future once again. Let me tell you, it’s been really good!

It’s been a good month since my last update and things haven’t changed much, except I’ve really become rooted into my job at the moment and we’re back to our busy week routine and weekend adventures. When your life has been so frantically uncertain, a little routine and stability feels like a big win. We really appreciate it!

happy things in spring

So how has life been lately?

>> I’m working in the arts sector at the moment and I love it! It’s a hectic mess most of the time, but I love it so much that I don’t mind. That’s a testament to the arts sector, isn’t it? I only have a month left on my contract and already got a job lined up for afterwards (in a way less exciting sector haha so let’s not talk about it).

>> The Brit is weeks away from submitting his PhD thesis so it’s a busy time in his office. I’m excited for him! (He can’t wait to be done.) And for us! Once he’s done and gets a job, we’ll be moving! Who knows what the future has in store for us…

>> We’re all booked for a week down in the Galloway region of Scotland for early June with the Brit’s family. It’ll be great for both of us to relax after the Brit finishes his PhD and I finish my editing contract. It’s also a part of the country I’ve never seen before!

>> We’re booked for a stay in the Netherlands in August. So exciting! Friends from St Andrews are getting married and I can’t wait for the long weekend getaway. Our flights are booked, our Airbnb overlooking a canal is booked, only gotta buy a nice little wedding outfit now!

>> We’re still planning my birthday weekend (well my birthday is a Thursday, but you know…) somewhere on continental Europe. Looking forward to a little getaway, hopefully to a new-to-me country!

>> I finally tasted the amazing ice cream from Mary’s Milk Bar in Edinburgh. I have to say it has dethroned Jannettas in St Andrews, which is to say it’s really really good!

>> I started watching Masterchef Australia again and it is already so good! Definitely the best food show to watch – though it takes stamina because a season usually reaches 80-100 episodes (!).

>> We spent a lovely weekend in Glasgow recently and stayed at the Citizen M hotel. The highlight was definitely the iPad remote…just kidding! We went out to see the Scottish Ballet and it was so good!

>> Very soon (and I’m not allowed to say where because my mom doesn’t want to know), I will be abseiling down the iconic Forth Rail Bridge in Edinburgh, all for charity. If you do have a little spare £5, feel free to donate to my fundraising efforts, all of it goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, which is close to my heart at the moment. (Maman, don’t click on that link or you’ll know the date!)

>> We spent a day at the lake last weekend to enjoy the sunshine and it was so nice. We both caught a lot of sun, which we were in desperate need of!

>> Earlier this week we also went to see ‘A Night at the Opera’ performed by the Stirling Orchestra and vocalists from the RCS. It was so good!

>> Generally enjoying the warmer air of spring time and looking forward to a few summer adventures. I think my new job will allow me to travel a little more, which is exciting and is making me want to plan for a trip to…well everywhere!

What have you been up to lately?xx

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  • Oh yes completely agree about routine being nice when you’ve had so much uncertainty. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! You’ve been doing lots of cool stuff, I look forward to finding out where you’re off to for your birthday, and what you think of the Netherlands (I’ve still never been!). Masterchef is such a commitment – before you tune in to the first episode you’ve basically got to clear your diary for 2 full months!

    • You must have been in such a similar place with the travel and big move! We’re off to Denmark actually, which I’ve been talking about for years, so glad to finally be heading there 🙂

  • I’m glad that you’re getting settled into a routine again! I know how frustrating/stressful it can be without one. Abseiling always seems like so much fun so I bet you’ll have a blast! x

  • So many happy and lovely things! Wow good luck with the abseil too, I love abseiling and Macmillan is a great charity (I just ran my half marathon for them too!) Alice xxx


  • I understand all the stresses of your partner finishing his PhD thesis, so I’m so glad you’ll both be able to celebrate that very soon! YAY!

  • Things are falling into place, and I am so excited for you, Camila! Can’t wait to read about your future travels (low key envious because I want a job that is ‘travel friendly’ too haha) xx

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Thank you so much Teesh! I’m excited that finally life is rewarding me a little 🙂 haha the job isn’t that travel friendly as much as it’s well paid and stable, which is all good!