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Losing my Mind in Dubai

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Travel Tuesday! Before anything, I want to first and foremost say thank you to everyone who is still on board and reading every day! The lovely guest bloggers are doing such an amazing job – and I will be back with more UK expat adventures as of next Monday 🙂

Back to the subject of today –> last week we gave you the themed prompt for the Travel Tuesday posts of this week: to share our layover stories with each other. As travellers, we’ve probably lived through our fare share of layovers – short and long, nice and stressful – so we’re bound to have some good stories to tell!

I thought long and hard about what story to tell today – I could tell you about the layover in Dallas in which I was very ill as a child. I could tell you about my layover in Amsterdam on my way to Berlin for my exchange, where we spent wonderful hours roaming this city, so tired we were like zombies. I could also tell you about my very weird layover in Reykjavik airport. But today I thought I’d tell you about my layover in Dubai, UAE.

dubai layover 3dubai layover 2

The story is simple – it starts with my trip to South Africa. The cheapest flight was with Emirates and so, through Dubai. It was cool because I heard they were a great airline. My first flight – London to Dubai – was not disappointing because we flew in the coolest and most luxurious airbus ever!

Then Dubai happened – I had 8 long hours to spend in the airport! I wish it was a day layover because I could have gone out to explore – but no we arrived into the airport at about 7pm and it was already dark outside.

I started by walking around looking at the airport – so many things to see and explore! I caught some dinner –thankfully GBP were accepted and it was kind of cool to receive dirham (UAE currency) in return. My mom collects coins so I brought them to her!

After that I Skyped my parents a little – it was fun to Skype them on my way to Africa! That is about when things got from weird to weirder! I’m pretty sure I started losing my mind. I was afraid to drink the water, the toilets had this weird warm wind and I was growing tired by the minute!

I wanted to nap (especially that this airport has really cool lounging chair for that purpose) but I had a 10-hour night flight coming so I wanted to be as tired as can be to sleep on the plane. So against all odds I stayed awake the entire time! I ended up skyping my boyfriend for a little while. And he took some very weird screenshots of me! I was literally losing my mind…. and I’m only sharing this because I like you guys…

losing my mind

Finally, at about 2-3AM we finally boarded the plane and I passed out straight until my arrival above South Africa. I do love me a long flight for that!

Ever had a weird airport/layover experience like that?xx

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Every week, each of us will be choosing our favourite post from the previous week, so make sure to check out those highlighted posts! For last week, I wanted to highlight Danielle’s post about the Kaisergruft on her blog The Unfinnished Blog! I have a thing for visiting cemeteries and tombs and this was such a cool visit full of interesting details!

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  • Luckily (or unluckily by the sounds of it) I’ve never had a layover that long. Excited to have you back next week! x

    • Oh that is lucky! I realised I can’t handle layovers of more than about 5hours now!x

  • That giant camel could’ve been the perfect souvenir of your layover. Looks like he’s fighting to stay awake, too, haha.

    • haha it is my favourite photo! I loved that camel!

  • I’ve had long layovers like that too and I swear I’m bored after about an hour! It makes the rest of the time go so slowly! And then if your flight is delayed after a long layover, when you are so tired and just itching to reach your destination, that is the worst thing ever!

    • It truly makes the time go soooo slowly! Like ‘oh I must have been here for 2 hours…oh no it’s been 45mins..whaaat?’ Thankfully I have never had a flight delay after long layovers!

  • If I have wifi in an airport I can amuse myself for quite a long time!! I also like people watching and sipping on a coffee. I was in an aiport once for 13 hours delayed… I must admit, that wasn’t the best!

    • I was very thankful for the wifi (especially since some airports make you pay for it – wth!) and 13hours truly sounds terrible!

  • Oh, man, night layovers are disappointing because then you really can’t explore that location! That airport looks REALLY opulent, though, and sounds like you made the best of it! Can’t wait for you to come back to the blogosphere and talk about your move. Cheers!

    • Yes exactly! I wish it was the day and I could have gone out!

  • I agree a day layover is always the best – hehe love the photo. Glad you survived it ok!

    • Thanks Jessi! 🙂 We can agree on this!

  • Yay, so glad you liked my Kaisergruft post!! The Dubai airport looks really cool — I’ve never been in an airport like that before. I definitely would have tried to pack the camel in my bag! 😉

  • I have never had a layover of more than a couple of hours. Looking forward to your blogging return next week! Hope the move is going well!

  • The airport looks so glitzy!

    • It was so lavish really! I kept taking so many photos! 🙂

  • I haven’t had an extended layover, but will be having one in December, let’s hope for the best!!


    • Oh good luck with the long layover! If there is wifi and if you have other people along, hopefully it’ll be better than mine 🙂

  • i’ve heard the dubai airport is ridiculously nice!! haha that’s how i felt about the singapore airport.. why can’t they have airports like that in the US! 😛

    • Completely agree! It was absolutely beautiful and everything was super useful! And free wifi!

  • Haha that’s awesome! I remember we had a layover in Barcelona and my husband was so tired he slept on the floor at the airport in Barcelona which is kinda tough since it’s concrete.

    • Oh yes I can relate to that! I once tried to sleep on the floor at the Miami airport – not the most comfortable!

  • oh god I spent a miserable 12 hours in dubai airport once. my worst was a 23 hour layover in malaysia though, god that was horrible.

    • Oh my gosh that sounds absolutely horrible! I thought 8 was pretty bad – can’t even imagine 12 or 23! Wow you’re good for having survived!

  • No matter how tired I am I”m only guaranteed about 2 hours of sleep at a time. At least you were able to zonk out for your entire flight! Worth a few hours of not such sane skyping!

    • I really agree! Even though I was going insane, it paid off! Oh man 2 hours of sleep at a time sounds quite dreadful if you have long flights!

  • I don’t think we’ve ever had a layover as such. Except a few ours between changing coaches. We take more coaches at the moment, especially going back and forward to the uk

    • Oh sometimes waiting for coaches can be worst since it can be outside and uncomfortable, etc!

  • Wow that’s a pretty nice airport! I’ve had so many layovers and so many nights on the airport floor lol it’s all a blur!

    • haha it does all become a blur at some point, doesn’t it!

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