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8 Realistic Fashion Advices for a Summer in Scotland

Happy Travel Tuesday!

Today I thought I’d tackle some very serious business : what to wear in Scotland!

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So you want to come to Scotland this summer? What a great idea! Trust me, Scotland is beautiful all year long, no matter what! But the summer definitely has the best weather (…she said cringing at her own words…it’s no secret the UK has not known the kindest of summers this year).

I often get asked questions by friends who want to come visit, or by followers of the blog like :  How is the weather in Scotland? As bad as its reputation says? Is it ever sunny? It is always gloomy? etc.

My response to all of those would be  ‘Yes. Yes. Yes.’  During a weekend trip, a week-long trip and even more in a month/year-long stay to Scotland, you’ll probably experience it all!

As they always say in Britain, be prepared for anything!

The truth about the Scottish summer is that it feels more like spring/autumn. There will be some nice weather of course, and you will appreciate those bursts of sun and warm temperature even more after the periods of rain or clouds.  But trust me, in general, just plan as if you were coming here late Spring or early Autumn. It will save you some headaches!

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Here are my 8 realistic fashion advices for a summer stay in Scotland:

1. Leave the sandals behind. Seriously trust me on this! It will never be so hot that you can’t go around in shoes or even in flats. A Scottish weather friendly option might be to bring some peep-toe flats instead.

2. A rule to live by: when in doubt, always bring a jumper.

3. Always carry around something for the rain. Pro tip: Invest in a light rain jacket you can fold away in any bag. It might save you in case of quick showers.

4. I would also leave the shorts behind. Instead I would bring tights and capris.

5. Bring pyjamas for all weather. You never know if the hostel/hotel/b&b you booked will offer you a freezing single glazed room or a very warm bed.

6. I know I know who doesn’t love a nice summer dress, right? But if it’s short I’d say leave it at home as well. Another Scottish weather friendly option? Maxi skirts or maxi dresses are great alternatives.

7. While wellies might be useful, they can be a bit bulky and you might find an unnecessary hassle. If you plan on doing any hiking or walking, I would recommend some walking boots instead.

8. Always be prepared – bring sunglasses, bring a scarf, maybe a hat and some gloves. You can decide if you want to make a statement with any of those, but trust me, Scotland’s weather is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get 😉

What would be your fashion staple for Scotland?xx

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  • Great tips, there is nothing worse than being wet or freezing! I am always amazed by how much colder Scotland is than parts of England. When I watch the weather, we are always granted a few more degrees in London and it really makes a difference!

  • I’m really grumpy when I’m cold, so I’m never apart from my trusty scarf, a backup jumper, and maybe a light jacket…! I’d always rather be too warm than too cold. It’s much the same down south at the moment – I had to have a hot water bottle the other night!

    • Oh my gosh I know – we actually put the heating on the other day! I was so mad – I was just wrapped in a blanket skyping my parents in Canada where it’s all warm and fuzzy lol. And I’m definitely miserable as well when I’m cold – in Britain I basically wear a scarf every day!

  • Perfect timing as I’m coming up in about a month 🙂 Having grown up in Auckland I am very used to four seasons in one day so I always have an umbrella and sunglasses with me – but I’ll remember to pack the scarf and jacket too for Scotland!

    • Perfect! Well hopefully it helped! Definitely be ready for 4 seasons in one day! Though I have to say, I might leave the umbrella at home actually 😉 the winds here are always quite high, especially if you are by the coast a lot (i.e. Edinburgh/Fife/Aberdeen/Inverness/the isles…basically everywhere) x

  • Great tips! Next time I’m in that area of the world, I have to make it to Scotland!

  • Really good tips. I didn’t bring sandals while I was there, but I still managed to ruin every single pair of shoes I’d brought with me over the course of 3 months EXCEPT my rain boots! Those streets are rough! But I still dig cobblestones 😀 I’d like to try being there during a different time of year than autumn, though. Maybe next spring or summer, I’ll make it back and actually see the sun!

    • Urgh I know! When I was studying in St Andrews I ruined about 4 pairs of shoes, from converse to flats to my rain boots actually! The cobbles, the sand, the water, etc. everything is just rough on shoes isn’t it? And definitely I think we had a pretty good April actually this year, but Spring and Summer is always nice 🙂

  • Great tips… so pretty much anything I would wear in TX do not wear in Scotland 😛 jk. The last time we were in Scotland, it was August and it rained the entire time we were there (2 days). Still beautiful though, I think the rain added to the charm.

    • haha exactly! I brought some stuff back with me from Canada and I haven’t worn a single item since it’s been so cold! And yeah it’s dreadful when it rains (I just can’t stand it) but it does add to the charm – especially if you’re inside looking out while sipping tea 😉

  • Andrea On Vacation

    Good to know! I always pack some kind of jacket no matter what. It can get cold at night most places. A scarf is always good to make things fashionable and warm

    • I definitely agree a scarf in most places is usually a good item to have! Though I come from Montreal and usually in the summer you won’t need a jacket or anything – so it was an adjustment here!x

  • Thanks for the tips. 🙂 Seems like the advice will more or less hold true for the London area, too, albeit with a few warmer days thrown in the mix. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a return visit to the UK before our Gypsy family grows to three so I could use these tips, but we’ll see if it pans out!

    • Definitely! It’s basically most of the UK – the temperature is so fickle! Aw I wish it to you – and let me know if you come by Scotland 😉

  • Epic tips – and all so perfectly true!! Layers all the way 😀

  • These are great tips… We were in Ireland in late April and everything I had taken for more temperate climates was basically useless. 🙂 Thankfully, the hotel had massive umbrellas so we could always be prepared for the rain!

    • haha yeah if you come in the British Isles (plus Ireland) any time of the year it’s good to have something for ALL the seasons! At least umbrellas are good for city breaks – though I don’t recommend them near cliffs 😉

  • LydiaCLee

    Europe for me usually involves boots and cardigans, but we never seem to go in the height of summer!

    • Definitely! Well the height of summer here was this weekend – it was lovely and we all burnt since we didn’t expect it!

  • Haha sounds like everything you would need for a Yorkshire summer to be honest!

    • haha it’s probably SO similar! I’m still getting used to it – but I 100% appreciate the sun even more now!x

  • Great list!!! My sister and I are trying to figure out what to pack for our move to Scotland in 6 weeks!!!

    • Thanks 🙂 I have another post that is a guide to packing to move to Scotland as well – but do email me if you have any questions! You must be so excited! Is your sister also moving here?xx

      • Yes! My sister is a year younger than me and we are moving together. We leave in exactly 2 weeks 🙂

  • I visited Scotland in May and your list is spot on! I thought living in South West England for a few months had prepared me enough – little did I know I would get every season on a daily basis! I don’t own a pair of hiking boots so I’m glad I had my wellies with me for a visit through the Highlands but you are so right, they were a bit of a pain to lug around and I had to wear them on the plane because there was no way they would fit in my bag.

    • haha it’s funny because when I go down to the South of England I’m astounded by how hot it is – I’m always well overdressed for the weather! And wellies are definitely a great alternative – one of my friend who just visited brought some mini ankle wellies so those must be so much easier to carry around!x

  • The weather there sounds heavenly to me! And it also sounds like spring or summer is the time to go.

    • haha it’s pretty good all year long actually – except the summer gets a bit depressing when you don’t see the sun for weeks on end! But yes I would definitely come around the spring time or even late summer because the landscapes are even better (and less midges!)x

  • fabulous tips 🙂 we are hoping to visit Scotland in Summer… 2017 lol. I get cold easily so this is really good to know.

    • Oh awesome! Lots of time to prepare then 🙂 I would def visit in the summer if you get cold easy – the main problem here isn’t that it gets that cold (or perhaps that’s just because I’m Canadian…) it’s mainly that things aren’t heated properly! When we lived in Edinburgh last fall/winter we could heat up the flat for hours and the temperature would barely rise! Such a waste of money and energy almost!x

  • Great tips! It sounds like it’s always better to be prepared for weather of all kinds when visiting Scotland in the summer.

  • Really nice tips. I have never been anywhere that has weather quite like Scotland! We used to say that (in the autumn) it rains every hour on the hour. (but then stops, of course, for short sunny periods) Definitely all about the layers!

    • hahaha it sounds right! And it sounds like the month of July …bleh! It’s been a horrific year apparently weather wise and now I’m thinking maybe it’s me? Just kidding but when I lived in St Andrews it was much better – there is something about the East vs the west of this country that makes the weather do a 180!

  • This perfectly sums up Iceland as well, the summer definitely feels more like spring/autumn weather.

  • Scottish weather would be right up my alley! Thank you for the tips, Camila!