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    The Body Shop Advent Calendar | Review

    For as long as I remember, I’ve always had an advent calendar in December. Often I let the chocolates pile up and eat five at the same time. It’s tradition!

    Last November, I saw The Body Shop advent calendar advertised and thought I would try something different this year! Despite the price (it’s a bit dear), I snatched one in Edinburgh one day after work. 

    I loved the idea that over the advent season I would be pampering myself and enjoying a different kind of excitement. It took all my willpower not to start opening the small boxes before the 1st of December!

    Then December came and the days started passing, and I got bored quickly. I was always so excited to open it, but a girl can’t be that excited about soap! So much soap! Especially that a lot of the products you can’t really use daily so it feels like opening a present you can’t use. Unlike, let’s say, a chocolate advent calendar which you can gobble!

    That said, when Christmas came around and I rounded up my stash, I think it was pretty good! I got a good mix of soaps, creams, lip balms, make up, and even glitter! 

    What I especially loved about an beauty advent calendar is that it forced me to get a bit outside my comfort zone. I often buy the same products when I’m in store, restocking my go-to products. This forced me to try new soaps, and new creams, and new colours of make up. And I loved all the nice thoughts added on each boxes, encouraging you to do something nice for others every day. 

    If you are interested in a Body Shop advent calendar, I highly recommend this one. It was the medium priced one, at £65. 

    Next year, however, and depending on budget, I would like to try a different brand, and will definitely get myself a chocolate advent calendar as well so I can enjoy a little treat every day too!

    Do you buy an advent calendar every year?xx